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Services & Prices
Click to see the benefits of Foot ReflexologyReflexology & Body Work 

1 hour  $29 

***Package 10%OFF Special: 11 Treatments: $260+Tax 
(you save: $59)***

Click for more about Back Rub & Head,Neck, Shoulder
1 hour $39

***Package 10%OFF Special: 11 Treatments: $350+Tax (you save: $79)***

1 hour  $49 

**Package Special: 11 Treatments: $466+Tax 
(you save $73)**

(For Pregnancy, It is cost $10 more for H.N.S. & B.R. )

Hot Stone Massage  $49/hour

**Package Special: 11 Treatments: $466+Tax 
(you save $73)**

Thai Stretching Massage  $60/hour  


GuaSha  $29 /30Mins
Cupping  $29/30Mins

* Guasha & Cupping treatments will leave red mark for couple's days. 

Facial & Skin Care

Mini Facial (Cleaning + Mask) $40
**Package Special: 11 Treatments: $380+Tax 
(you save $60)**
Deep Cleansing  $60/Hour
Back Facial  $60/hour
Upper Chest Facial  $60/hour
(Steam, Extraction, Mask with 10 Mins. Free Massage)
 **Package Special: 11 Treatments: $570+Tax (you save $90)**

Body Scrub  $49/hour
Foot Scrub  $29/30Mins.
Hands Scrub  $29/30Mins.


Acupuncture (By Appointment Only) 

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